Research Process: Anna Barham (2019)

The material in Poisonous Oysters was generated during a live production reading group held in Newcastle University’s Fine Art Department in 2018. Image courtesy of Anna Barham.
Live Production Reading Group at Index in September 2019. New text is generated through collective reading and speech2text software.

The first artist in the program for Research Processes is British artist Anna Barham. Barham works with and beyond language, with text and readings, videos and situations, objects and structures and this will be the field for a possible investigation and dialogues between Index and the artist. The conceptual construction related to language has been a crucial factor for conceptual art. Linguistics and performativity will be the starting point for an investigation that can take several forms and temporalities, approaching a collective process of definition for the usability of linguistic structures. Part of the time that Anna Barham will develop her Research Process will happen during her artistic residency at St John’s College in Oxford.

Anna Barham works with video, writing and live events, exploring the materiality and errancy of language alongside broader issues of translation, authorship and subjectivity. Recent commissions include Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK; Playground Festival, Museum M, Leuven, BE; Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR; Fig-2, London, UK; and Hayward Gallery, London, UK. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Kunst-Werke, Berlin, DE; The Wellcome Collection, London, UK; Chapter, Cardiff, UK; KM-, Graz, AT; Eastside Projects, Birmingham, UK; Rotterdam Film Festival, NL; MHKA, Anterwep, BE; Le Plateau, Frac Ile de France, Paris, FR; ICA, London; and Tate Modern, London, UK. Barham lives and works in London. Artist website.

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