Listen live to Anna Barham’s Live Production Reading Group at Index.

A group of about 10 participants will take turns to read prepared texts aloud that are then interpreted by speech2text software and re-introduced to the circle. Each reading is a re-authoring of the text – the computer output is unpunctuated so the reader must choose how to break it up, to find places to breathe, to deal with a breakdown in syntax, as well as choosing how to intonate, what feeling to inflect etc. Meaning ebbs, flows and sediments in the collective listening of the group and the wider online audience. The work is an act of resistance to the flattening and standardising tendency of contemporary linguistic technologies and uses them against themselves to return language to bodies and the particular qualities of each singular reading as a generative process.
There will be several interludes during the reading group for discussion and to allow readers to swap in and out of the circle.

Link to the listening station