15–20 June 2018

Index’ summer festival Letting the Days Go By presented six consecutive summer evenings celebrating the season in a spirit of ease and experimentation.

Featuring a series of events, workshops, performances, collaborations and works-in-progress, the festival takes place both in and around the Index premises on Kungsbro strand featuring Stockholm based and international artists and collectives. Letting the Days Go By is a celebration of the groups and communities, both old and new, that exist within Index’ network and its neighbourhood.

Using Index’ space and its surrounding area with its existing networks and artistic communities to bring people together, Letting the Days Go By experiments with new ways of strengthening and broadening dialogues, meeting and sharing with different audiences. The festival opens up questions around the notion of community – what it does, what it might mean to us today and what it may become in the future.

You may find yourself calling a village to ask advice, at a picnic with Portugal in the 60s, articulating your own art writing, talking to trees, making new experiments in listening or find yourself baking bread in a stranger’s home. The festival celebrates the groups and communities, both old and new, that exist within Index’ network and its neighborhood. The festival is an invitation to come together and feel the water flow by underground.

Festival artists and collectives include: Sanna Marander & Niklas Tafra, Susanna Jablonski & Cara Tolmie, Poste Restante, Ulla-Britta Westergren & Johanna Rosenlund, OEI, Lizzie Lloyd, Kasia Wolińska & Frida Sandström, Caitlin Dear & Thomas Schmocker, Research Lab, Johnny Chang, Brödmassan, Sam Icklow & Alistair Watts and Ana-Maria Hadji-Culea.

The festival is co-hosted by the Index Teen Advisory Board – Désirée Bayibsa, Emmanuel Angelos Zavalis, Mikaela Wei, Viola Flø Brøther, Moa Lundborg and Björn Hjelm. The festival is organised and curated by Index staff Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Emmeli Person and Nina Øverli.

For more information on the artists and the full festival program, click on each day of the festival below:

17:00-19:00 Performance: LISTENING SETS with Gender of Sound
19:00-21:00 Film screening: Sam Icklow’s THE MOTH and Performance:L DANCE by Alistair Watts

18:00-20:00 Performance: Ulla-Britta Westergren & Johanna Rosenlund MÅL TID with bread baked by Brödmassan and Index Teen Advisory Board
18:00-19:00 Index Residents exhibition: EXTENDING THE POWERS OF THE ALTER-EGO

13:00-16:00 Workshop: CREATIVELY CRITICAL, CRITICALLY CREATIVE with Lizzie Lloyd
16:00-17:30 Workshop: THE FUTURE BODY AT WORK with Kasia Wolińska & Frida Sandström
18:00-18:30 Performance: YOU SAY IT BEST WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL with Sanna Marander & Niklas Tafra
18:30-20:00 Publication launch: WAKE UP! from Johnny Chang

18:00-21:00 Performance: Poste Restante’s CALL HOME
18:00-21:00 Performance: TREE TIME with Caitlin Dear & Thomas Schmocker

TUESDAY17:00-19:00 Visit: Sensory Futures RESINA
18:00-20:00 Workshop: GREEN ROOM with Research Lab
19:00-21:00 Publication launch: OEI THE ZERO ALTERNATIVE!

18:00-20:00 Exhibition: Index Teen Advisory Board, INTO THE BLUE AGAIN
19:00-21:00 Performance: Ana-Maria Hadji-Culea’s GIVE ME HELLACCIDENTAL DANTE