Letting the Days Go By: SATURDAY PROGRAM

16 June 2018, 18:00–21:00

Ulla-Britta Westergren & Johanna Rosenlund: MÅL TID with Brödmassan
Sat 16 June, 18:00-20:00

Chef Johanna Rosenlund and artist Ulla-Britta Westergren turn our attention to the art of sharing food, by realising an edible mandala in the gallery. Audience members are invited to participate in destroying the mandala, made out of locally harvested, unprocessed foods by eating and sharing it. \As part of the event, bread baked collectively by the Index Teen Advisory Board and the artist collective Brödmassan will be shared. The mandala will be eaten at 19:00.

Mål tid contemplates on a concept of a eatable mandala in relation to the communal meaning and the intricate process intrinsic to sand painted mandalas. Traditionally, the creation of a mandala, the representation of the world in a divine form, is meant to reconsecrate the earth and heal its inhabitants. After the mandala is finished, it is prayed over, destroyed and washed away to the nearest living stream to bless the whole world. To emphasize the temporary essence of all things, the visitors are invited to participate in destroying the mandala made out of locally harvested, unprocessed foods by eating and sharing it and by sweeping the leftovers into the river.

Ulla-Britta Westergren is a maker, raised between the countryside of New Zealand and the suburbs of Sweden. She has studied at Nyckelviks School, Konstfack and CCA (California College of the Arts) with a focus on jewellery, crafts and design. Recently her work has focused on the theatre, movie and television scene in Melbourne and Wellington. She is a strong believer in the importance of practices founded on gathering, talking and sharing food.

Johanna Rosenlund is a chef and an artist born and raised in the suburbs of Southern Stockholm. She has studied at Nyckelviks School, HDK Steneby and Hiko Mizuno College of Jewellery. She has a keen interest in arranging concept dinner parties and spending her time in the woods.

Their common practice is based on profound friendship, working together at Rosendal, a biodynamic garden in Stockholm, and studying arts and crafts together. This event combines their expertise and experience in food and jewellery making and in working with small details and fresh produce in a form of a eatable mandala.

Brödmassan is an exercise in consumer power, that aims to bring bread making back into the ovens of the home and the neighborhood with writer Gunilla Lundahl. Collectively, the group shares the baking experience and knowledges. By participating, one becomes part of the growing ‘brödlag’, a group of people who make and share bread with each other as a way to share resources. Brödmassan is part of Bomassan – a local community driven project – exploring urban planning, densification, local democracy, civil dialogue and social art practice. Central to the project is the role of art and the artist in actively contributing to these issues. A public program – lectures, dinner parties, meetings, artistic city walks and much more – develops the project, which is carried out in a variety of locations in Söderort, Stockholm.

Mål tid is kindly supported by Rosendals Trädgård and Gronsakshallen Sorunda

Sat 16 June, 18:00-19:00

During 2018 Index Residents has formed a new all-girl group from Solna Gymnasium’s Sprint class. The young women have been building alter-egos that draw on theories of robotics, AI and the wild inventions of mathematician Ada Lovelace. This exhibition presents a slice of the process, a rare chance to meet new hybrid robots – fantastical alter-egos built to help extend abilities, desires and needs.

Index’ major learning initiative is Index Residents. Functioning as an open-ended platform for collaboration and dialogue, over 150 students from across Stockholm and Uppsala take up residency within Index for a one year period. This residency takes a long-term approach, allowing topics to evolve and develop in relation to the interests of the participants. Over the year, these groups of young people are supported to; reclaim the city centre, democratise art and to participate in art making. The Residents participate in workshops plus specialised visits to artists studios, art schools, film screenings and the like, providing a platform for young people to meet art and artists face to face.