Letting the Days Go By: TUESDAY PROGRAM

19 June 2018, 17:00–21:00

Sensory Futures: Resina
Tues 19 June, 17:00 – 19:00

In collaboration with Sensory Futures, the cultural association Resina will visit Index to engage in conversations and launch a publication documenting the previous year’s residency experiences.

Resina is a cultural association based in Ferrara, Italy, and has since 2017 organised Ferrara Residency. For one month a group of international artists explore living forms of togetherness while reflecting on means of precarious and affective labor under capitalist conditions. Sensory Futures is an artistic and collaborative platform, and a series of seminars which include gatherings of various formats.

Research Lab: GREEN ROOM
Tues 19 June, 18:00-20:00

This experiment in collective making, sees seven craft-based artists blend performative methods with craft workshop. Visitors to Green Room acquire personal prescriptions for eye glasses that can amplify or distort the perceptions of the wearer. With Research Lab participants Hannah Clarkson, Dovilė Bernadisiūtė, Carl Richard Söderström, Anna-Carin Jonsson, Carina Nyberg, Supawan Morris, Esther de Groot.

‘My people have been wearing green glasses on their eyes for so long that most of them think that this really is an emerald city’, Wizard of Oz. Each character in the Wizard of Oz is seeking, wanting something, feels a need or desire, but what they find in the end is not what they thought they were looking for. The green glasses they don upon entry to the Emerald City give them another perspective, allow them to see what they thought they lacked, but carried with them all along. The process of research is thus, too – I search, I gather, I am unsure, then I put on new glasses to see things I didn’t know I already knew.

Playing with this idea, challenging our preconceptions, in this workshop we would like to invite visitors to tell us what they are looking for, so that we can make them a pair of glasses according to their own personal prescription; shaping your own filters to amplify or distort the view of the world, either literally through the lenses or more symbolically through crafting glasses with certain qualities or even powers.

Tues 19 June, 19:00-21:00

Picnic, screening and presentation of the new issue of OEI (# 80–81, 640 pages) – on Ernesto de Sousa, Alberto Carneiro, Túlia Saldanha, Ana Vieria, Ana Hatherly, E. M. de Melo e Castro and other aesthetic operators in experimental art and poetry in Portugal from the 1960s onwards. Code words for the issue and the evening: aesthetic operators, feast, revolution, body, experiment, collectivity, conviviality, mixed-media, assemblage, environments, creation of situations, discussions, art as criticism, controversial tendencies, PO.EX.

The evening will include presentations by Jonas (J) Magnusson and Cecilia Grönberg. Screening of experimental films by Ernesto de Sousa. Green wine, white cheese, black bread.

OEI is a magazine for experimental forms of thinking in between poetry, art, philosophy, documents, and film. The magazine focuses on alternative historiographies with topics such as Poema/Processo in Brazil, Swedish Land Art or “non assertive writing”. OEI was founded in 1999.