29 July–2 September 2017

Louise Stiernström and Hiroko Tsuchimoto

As part of the program for the exhibition The Promise at Index, participants of the course Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness (Kungl. Konsthögskolan, 2016–2017) present a project titled The Roaming Institute.

The Roaming Institute consists of a series of walks through the city which continue the research of the course, reflecting on the traces of modernist architecture and urban planning in Stockholm, and its entanglement with normative concepts of subjectivity. The walks invite the audience to discover new perspectives of the city and its surroundings and opening discussions about some of the unfulfilled promises of modernism.

Each of the 6 sessions is conceived around a specific topic and led by different participants from the course, or in conversation with invited guests. The walks will take place on weekly, every Saturday from 29 July to 2 September. Start of the walks is, unless otherwise mentioned, at Index, Kungsbro Strand 19.


Sat 29 July 2017, 16:00
Session 1: Minna Miettilä

Sat 5 August 2017, 16:00
Session 2: Louise Stiernström and Hiroko Tsuchimoto

Sat 12 August 2017, 16:00
Session 3: Malin Ståhl

Sat 19 August 2017, 16:00
Session 4: Roberto N Peyre and Det gror i betongen

Sat 26 August 2017, 14:00 (different starting time!)
Session 5: Natalia Rebelo

Sat 2 September 2017, 16:00
Session 6: Mourad Kouri & Ola Andersson

Alba Baeza, Jasmine Hinks

The course Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness took place in autumn 2016/17 at Kungl. Konsthögskolan in collaboration with Index, with Samira Ariadad, Donatella Bernardi, Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Tobias Hübinette.