The Roaming Institute, Session 4: Roberto N Peyre and Det gror i betongen

19 August 2017, 16:00–17:30

Roberto N Peyre

As part of the program for the exhibition The Promise at Index, participants of the course Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness (Kungl. Konsthögskolan, 2016–2017) present a project titled The Roaming Institute.

The Roaming Institute consists of a series of walks through the city which continue the research of the course, reflecting on the traces of modernist architecture and urban planning in Stockholm, and its entanglement with normative concepts of subjectivity. The walks invite the audience to discover new perspectives of the city and its surroundings and opening discussions about some of the unfulfilled promises of modernism.

Each of the 6 sessions is conceived around a specific topic and led by different participants from the course, or in conversation with invited guests. The walks will take place on weekly, every Saturday from 29 July to 2 September. Start of the walks is, unless otherwise mentioned, at Index, Kungsbro Strand 19.

Session 4: Roberto N Peyre and Det gror i betongen

Meeting point: Hjulsta subway station
Duration: 1.5 hours
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The walk has the aim to scrutinize the top-down suburban city planning in the so-called “green wedges” of Hjulsta, and shed light on the local grassroots-level cultural eco-activism in the area. The green wedges around Stockholm were originally planned as recreational areas for the citizens and serve as corridors for guaranteeing regional biodiversity, fresh air and water, but this freedom has grown more complex. The themes of the revolutionary unconscious, green hermeticism and social mobilization address issues and possibilities connected to a greener, citizen-driven future.

We will meet up at the entrance of subway station Hjulsta and walk in a procession through the landscape and visit selected sites. The walk will stop by a ancient burial ground, now an enormous construction site for the expressway bypass “Förbifart Stockholm”, and Hjulsta Ekoodling, from where Det Gror i Betongen and Den Gulliga Folkrörelsen operate, and more. Representatives of local eco-social movements Damir Radovic (Det Gror i Betongen), Rafael Altez (Den Gulliga Folkrörelsen) and carnival artist Vinicius Santiago will also participate in the talk.

Roberto N Peyre is an artist working in-between socially engaged ritual, performance and installation art. His main focus are aural/visual complexities, methods and concepts touching upon experiences, ideas and understandings of possession in relation to subject formation.

Det Gror i Betongen is a local organisation in Hjulsta, that works with social mobilization and urban agriculture with strategies of culture, resistance, permaculture and local food production. More information:

Further dates

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The course Modernist Legacies and Constructions of Whiteness took place in autumn 2016/17 at Kungl. Konsthögskolan in collaboration with Index, with Samira Ariadad, Donatella Bernardi, Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Tobias Hübinette.