Curatorial visits in Barcelona - Four curators selected

Four curators invited to do curatorial visits in Barcelona were Cecilia Andersson, Anne Klontz, Corina Oprea, and Karina Sarkissova.

The Institut Ramon Llull (with production by Index Foundation and the Swedish Association of Curators) organized visits to Barcelona during 21-24 November 2023 for four curators based in Sweden with the aim to meet artists, institutions and organizations in the city. The Open Call closed 31 October and four applicants were selected.

The program of studio visits with artists was organized based on the curatorial practice of those invited to participate, and included a meeting with the team of Manifesta 15 Barcelona.

Thanks to all who applied for their interest!

Some words after the visits:

Cecilia Andersson
“There’s seemingly a healthy mix between the institutional context and a self-organized/organic less hierarchical structure. Also, there seem to be mutual respect, consideration and communication between them which is impressive.
I also had really interesting and inspiring conversations. There was a certain confidence in how the artists I met operate and a trust that what they do will go somewhere. I think it is a result of the support they feel from the cultural environment and each other.”

Anne Klontz
“The infrastructure on an institutional level was amazing, and they all seemingly balance and support each other with their unique identities rather than compete with one another. There was a lot happening, not only exhibitions and events, but also in terms of continuous public and educational development.”

Corina Oprea
“The diversity of spaces we visited, from established institutions to emerging studios, an art fair, and engaging with artists directly, was a delightful surprise. Each venue added a unique layer to our understanding of the local art ecosystem. The surprise also came in the form of the seamless coexistence of these different layers within the city’s art landscape.”

Karina Sarkissova
“I met directors of studio-based places that were very concerned with the structures they were developing for the artists as well as for the local scene. I met institutions that were very engaged in the content and history of their archive and the works they were exhibiting. In my visit with LOOP, I also experienced a relationship to the international scene. I met artists that were very concerned with both form and context of their work, and they do not take their context for granted. Also, they have a close connection to distribution politics.”

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