Exhibition opening: Simone Forti, Fri 4 September 2015
Simone Forti Events Program
Conflicts and Solutions. About Architecture as a Critical Tool, Thu 10 September 2015

5 September–15 November 2015
Opening: Fri 4 September, 17:30–20:00
Index is proud to present the exhibition Simone Forti: Here It Comes, opening on 4 September 2015. The exhibition gives an in-depth insight into the practice of the highly influential artist, choreographer, dancer, and writer Simone Forti, who came to prominence in the 1960s, in a historical moment of rich dialogue between visual artists, musicians, poets and dancers. Her work developed a radically new approach to dance incorporating everyday movements and improvisation, exploring the body as a tool for experience and interaction. Forti’s work often develops in collaboration with other practitioners, including La Monte Young, Yoko Ono and Charlemagne Palestine. Here It Comes shows a selection of works from different periods and areas, with sculptures, drawings, documentation of performances and videos, including two works from the legendary series of “Dance Constructions”(1960/61) which will be activated during the duration of the exhibition by dancers, and a recent collaboration with Jeremiah Day and Fred Dewey.

 “Trio” is part of a long-term collaboration of choreographer, dancer and artist Simone Forti with visual artist Jeremiah Day and writer Fred Dewey. Coming from different generations and artistic backgrounds, the three practitioners explore the potential of artistic representation to respond to current social and political issues. The evening at Weld (Norrtullsgatan 7, 113 29 Stockholm), organised in colaboration with Index, will consist of a series of partly staged, partly improvised formats – performance, talk, discussion, slide presentation, and reading.

 Together with Israeli dancer Batyah Schachter, Simone Forti will present a new performance from her ongoing series of “News Animations” at Moderna Museet Stockholm, organized in collaboration with Index. Since the early 1980s, Forti has been performing “News Animations,” improvisations that continue her ongoing interest in political thought and the body as a medium of experience. Assisted by a pile of newspapers, Forti and Schachter speak and move, spontaneously interweaving the flickering, fluid vision of the world brought to us by news media, with the their personal experiences and speculations.

 Two of the most influential artists of post-modern dance in conversation. On the occasion of Simone Forti’s exhibition Here it Comes at Index and Deborah Hay’s upcoming new work Figure a Sea (with music and sound score by Laurie Anderson) at Cullberg Ballet, the two artists will discuss about shared histories and influences, collaborations and their current work.

 The talk will discuss the potential of architecture and design as a medium for critical practice. While design is often seen as a tool to solve problems, the talk will focus on the conditions and parameters which set the framework for design, and the roles and hierarchies between designers and users. The starting point for this shared event by the Goethe-Institute Stockholm and Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation will be the two recently re-designed spaces of the organizations. Can this context provide a space for social and political issues in design?

Further program
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Film program: SIMONE FORTI, Location: Zita Biografen, Mon 5 October 2015, 19:00
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