Jordan Strafer's LOOPHOLE and June program: perspectives on curating

Spring continues at Index with a program of releases that connect ways of curating. Welcome to join the conversation through a series of three Bookshop Situation Series events in early June. Come along to one or all three!

After the opening of Jordan Strafer’s exhibition in the midst of Stockholm Art Week, LOOPHOLE will now be on view throughout summer. See our website for Index opening hours.

 How can the museum be a verb? Or, in other words, how can institutions become a place of constant inquiry and action, rather than a repository of objects?

Welcome to the release with focus on Jan-Erik Lundström and Curating Beyond the Mainstream: The Practice of Carlos Capelán, Elisabet Haglund, Gunilla Lundahl, and Jan-Erik Lundström. Produced in the frame of CuratorLab 2020-21 and published by Konstfack and Sternberg Press, the book features a chapter on Lundström’s philosophy and curatorial practice, as mapped through dialogue by Edy Fung, Simina Neagu and Erik Sandberg.

Jan-Erik Lundström, Maria Lind and Erik Sandberg will be in conversation at Index during the release.

 Welcome to the release of a publication by close-enough – a curatorial initiative by Ifra Shariq and Yul Cho. Driven by their shared experiences, frustrations, concerns, and reflections, close-enough is a playful reference to the distance art institutions sometimes maintain from their audiences.

Their publication How to Navigate Art Institutions draws from their collective experiences and interactions with various individuals and groups. It explores the dynamics of exclusion within Swedish art institutions, offering insights on overcoming barriers and fostering inclusive discussions among art practitioners and institutions. The publication seeks to contribute to the ongoing conversation on equity and inclusion, creating a more welcoming space for individuals engaging with the Swedish art scene.

 Sa Soll Edicions (Spain) collaborates with By Sweden Art Project to present “Poet Boxes” as part of an evening with three performances at Index. Horacio Sapere and Pilar Esteve (Sa Soll) will be in conversation with Hugo Catolino (Sweden Art Project) to present this extensive editorial project connecting visual poetry and performance.

The event will include the performative work of classic Spanish figures such as J.M. Calleja, Bartolomé Ferrando and Lucía Peiró that will be at Index showing their practice connecting poetry and art.

 Our latest podcast captures an evening in April, in the context of Index’s Focus on Feminisms program, when artists Marianna Feher and Stacey de Voe presented DUAL ACT. A collaborative project built together with a number of female protagonists, DUAL ACT collects narratives and reviving two historical anti-fascist women’s organizations: Antifašistički Front Žena in former Yugoslavia and Mujeres Libres in Spain.

Listen to Feher and de Voe as they explore tools for solidarity, models for knowledge exchange and strategies for dissemination: connecting biographical aspects, fragmented chronologies, collective practices, memory, and friendship.