December 2019

Thank you 2019
Thank you for a great year at Index, carving our space and time for criticality, dialogue and curiosity. So much has happened and we are genuinely grateful to our ever dedicated audience, artists, supporters and friends who keep on making Index into an important institution for discussing the role of art in an increasingly complex time. As an end of the year send off we want to share some pieces from our growing archive of recordings and talks under the umbrella of a podcast series. Index will be closed between the 22nd of December and 8th of January. We wish you all happy holidays and hope to continue the conversations with you in the year to come. / Index Team
(Image from Index Summer Festival: The Defying Parrot)

Listen: A dinner conversation with Teresa Solar
The day before the opening, we sat down in a couch at NKF (Nordic Art Association) to walk through an exhibition, looking at it through words instead of eyes. Here you can listen to our homemade recording. With chips and soups making noice in the background, the artist Teresa Solar, Index team, friends and members of Index Teen Advisory Board followed the paths and linguistic jumps of the exhibition RIDE RIDE RIDE.

Listen: Chris Kraus talk from the opening of her exhibition
“What is our identity if not a compilation of the people who have influenced us?
We become the people who have influenced us the most deeply” – Chris Kraus

In May, Chris Kraus joined us for the opening of her exhibition FILMS BEFORE AND AFTER. Listen to the full conversation between Kraus and the Index team here.

Holiday Hours:
Index is closed from 22 December 2019 – 8 January 2020.
Welcome back in the new year.