New podcast with Sandi Hilal

Heritage, Hospitability and Destruction. With Sandi Hilal
In February 2024 Index had a conversation with Sandi Hilal about heritage, refugee camps, society, war, Gaza and destruction. Sandi Hilal runs – together with Alessandro Petti – DAAR, the research practice that received the Golden Lion at the architecture Venice Biennale in 2023. Part of their practice has been focused on the conditions in Palestine and the prolonged temporality represented by the refugee camps.
During the conversation, Sandi Hilal talked about knowledge, history, the life of people and its value at this moment when Palestine is the location of a war with many casualties. In this podcast, Sandi Hilal shares thoughts about adaptability, agency, the future process of repair in Gaza and how life should remain stronger than death.

Check the podcast here.