Podcast at Index

Index produces podcasts in collaboration with artists, visitors and Index Teen Advisory Board, opening up our conversations on to another platform. Sometimes resulting from exhibition openings, talks, workshops, events – or discussions over dinner – these podcasts are partly documentation, partly an entirely separate format for circulation of ideas.

43 June 2024: Index Teen Advisory Board – More sound, more image, more questions (now with Josefin Arnell)

42 April 2024: Index Teen Advisory Board – The Power of Sound and Silence

41 March 2024: Crybaby. a conversation with Josefin Arnell

40 February 2024: Heritage, Hospitability and Destruction. With Sandi Hilal

39 October 2023: Approaching Miss Universum and Catti Brandelius. With Katarina Bonnevier, Maryam Fanni, Anna Kinbom, and Andria Nyberg Forshage

38 June 2023: Jan-Erik Lundström, Maria Lind and Erik Sandberg in conversation: Curating Beyond the Mainstream

37 May 2023: Feminism against Fascism. Marianna Feher and Stacey de Voe in conversation

36 March 2023: How do we know? Institutional listening and young agency in the arts

35 February 2023: The Tidal Zone. Kajsa Dahlberg

34 December 2022: Films Against Capitalism. A conversation with Melanie Gilligan.

33 October 2022: Cecilia Alemani on The Milk of Dreams. Venice Biennale, bodies, objects, ideas, history, identity

32 June 2022: Embodying the institution. A conversation with Melike Sökmen and Pilar Borrajo

31 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Mmabatho Thobejane: The Darkness That Rests on Black Nothingness

30 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Lucy Lippard: Seeing Through

29 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Rosana Antolí: A Sound Exhibition to Walk in Circles

28 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Hans Ulrich Obrist: Do It

27 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Alexandra Laudo: This Exhibition is Invisible

26 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Sara Rossling & Natália Rebelo: Rumours

25 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Tiago de Abreu Pinto: (A person stands in front of a jury and starts talking about an exhibition)

24 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Editorial Board: Leave a Message

23 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Samantha Lippett & Nils Norman: The Model, A City Reimaginated

22 April 2022: Aural Exhibitions. Susanne Ewerlöf: A Scenario

21 February 2022: Index Teen Advisory Board – Going to a Conference: In Character

20 December 2021: Kristian Vistrup Madsen and Mara Lee. Doing Time: Essays on Using People.

19 September 2021: Talking with Pauline Curnier Jardin: Film production and ways of doing

18 June 2021: Monuments, memorials, gazes and agency. With Hanni Kamaly and Rebecka Katz Thor

17 June 2021: C-print, The Future Watch Issue

16 June 2021: Silon, Curatorial Feed and Storage

15 March 2021: Delta, an ocean call

14 March 2021: But They Are Not You, with Alex Reynolds and Magdalena Malm

13 January 2021: Ideas and exhibitions, with Daniel Birnbaum and Sven-Olov Wallenstein

12 December 2020: Letters and History, with Ramesch Daha, Kathrin Becker and Marti Manen

11 December 2020: Visiting “Tracking Distribution”, with Sònia López. Interviews with Nina Sarnelle, Lili Huston-Herterich and Francesc Ruiz

10 November 2020: Wet Waters. Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens in conversation with Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris (recorded 2018)

09 October 2020: Listening to the stones, with Sue Spaid and Ulrika Sparre

08 August 2020: Information and The Campaign, with Nathalie Gabrielsson and Marti Manen

07 July 2020: You and me distribution

06 May 2020: Nathalie Gabrielssons The Whistleblower

05 April 2019: Carving Spaces with Roxy Farhat and Gaby Cepeda

04 February 2020: Going to an exhibition in character with Index Teen Advisory Board

03 April 2019: Andrea Fraser’s talk at Index, on characters, institutional power and mechanisms of control

02 May 2019: Chris Kraus’ talk during the opening of her exhibition at Index, “After Chris Kraus”

01 December 2019: a dinner conversation with artist Teresa Solar