New Index Podcast with ITAB

Listen to this podcast made by Index Teen Advisory Board. In January of 2021, the members of ITAB joined an online conference with their sibling advisory board connected the Oslo based art institution PRAKSIS. During the conference, participants split up into smaller groups to discuss different questions relating to the theme of In Character.

The podcast you’re about to hear contains snippets of those discussions, chosen by the board members, who pair the original recordings with succeeding meta reflections as they listen back.

With voices from Emil Pita, Jose Velasquez, Simon Sjöberg, Felix Krausz Sjögren and Adina Edfelt (ITAB), as well as Nellie Barazandeh and Mikkel Inchley (PTAB). Sound mixing and script writing guidance by Linda Kidane and Sofia Neves.

Listen to the podcast in our website. or in Spotify