Podcast at Index

Index produces podcasts in collaboration with artists, visitors and Index Teen Advisory Board, opening up our conversations on to another platform. Sometimes resulting from exhibition openings, talks, workshops, events – or discussions over dinner – these podcasts are partly documentation, partly an entirely separate format for circulation of ideas.

01 December 2019: a dinner conversation with artist Teresa Solar:

02 May 2019: Chris Kraus’ talk during the opening of her exhibition at Index, “After Chris Kraus”

03 April 2019: Andrea Fraser’s talk at Index, on characters, institutional power and mechanisms of control

04 February 2020: Going to an exhibition in character with Index Teen Advisory Board

05 April 2019: Carving Spaces with Roxy Farhat and Gaby Cepeda

06 May 2020: Nathalie Gabrielssons The Whistleblower

07 July 2020: You and me distribution

08 August 2020: Information and The Campaign, with Nathalie Gabrielsson and Marti Manen