Learning Program

Open workshop, The Tongue, 2018.

Index Learning Program actively engages with and reflects upon the role of learning within contemporary art today. Using the questions, premises, contradictions of contemporary art and artists as a starting point, the program focuses on developing curiosity, dialogue and meaningful exchange, with reflective and open-ended outcomes.

Three nodes have been developed within the learning program, Kids Looking Busy: Decluttering the visual tropes of learning, investigating the cliches and visual cues of pedagogy, The (missing) Sign and the (lonely) Signifier reflecting critically on the role of language and signs within our own working methodologies and lastly And Tomorrow And is a workshop based research with young people on artists manifestos and future making. Each node intersects but also addresses a specific question which reflects the activities of the learning program. The exhibition and seminar, And Tomorrow And was part of the ongoing process of articulation and amplification of learning practices. This is one of the driving forces of the institution’s work.

The learning program is one of the major focuses of Index. Existing in and out of the gallery space, in collaboration with artists, schools and higher education institutions, the program is activated and invites the sharing of knowledges through the Index Teen Advisory Board and Index Residents.
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Index Teen Advisory Board

The Index Teen Advisory Board (ITAB) offers eight paid positions for young people ages 16–20 every year for one full year. The aim is to bring together a group of young people with differing cultural backgrounds, languages and life experiences and reflect together on the role and potential of culture today, and implement ideas into the agenda of the organization. Meeting once a month, the board actively supports decision making and evaluation, and also participate in organizing events targeted at a young audience. In our meetings, we bring the board in close contact with our exhibiting artists, members of our organization and other cultural institutions, through a series of workshops, visits, and other activities.

ITAB blog here.

Index Residents

Index’ major learning initiative from 2016-2018 is Index Residents. Functioning as an open-ended platform for collaboration and dialogue, over 150 students from across Stockholm and Uppsala take up residency within Index for a one year period. This residency takes a long-term approach, allowing topics to evolve and develop in relation to the interests of the participants. Over the year, these groups of young people are supported to; reclaim the city centre, democratise art and to participate in art making. The Residents participate in workshops plus specialised visits to artists studios, art schools, film screenings and the like, providing a platform for young people to meet art and artists face to face.

Residents’ blog here.

Index Mini Residents

Index Mini Residents is formulated around the approach of phenomenological pedagogics, focusing on the grains of experiential interplay with the objects that surrounds us. In inviting primary school children to actively engage with the material and architectural potentialities that exist within the gallery space, Mini Residents sets out to support intimate relations to the things that sometimes can be called art objects.

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Higher education

With an interest in research, Index collaborates with many universities and art academies in Sweden and beyond through lectures, ongoing partnerships and co-operations. We offer students insight into our curatorial practice and the work of important contemporary artists and also provide a platform for courses to engage with our program.


Index regularly offers opportunities for internships for students and people new to the industry.
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