Writing Sessions: Sampling the name

8 November 2016, 17:00–20:00

Writing session: Sampling the name

What is in a name? In this writing session, we will explore the names that we bring to the room, thinking about their currency and status as signifiers.

Led by artists Cara Tolmie and Frida Sandström the workshop will include group exercises in repetition, modes of listening, signature writing and discussion. The artists are asking:

‘How long do you have to repeat your name to change its meaning?
There is a transformation located within repetition.
Sampling this name, I pronounce another. Are you a copy?
Do we need a name to be loved, or to gain access to a market?
Forging the utterance and the signature, I give my name away.
Is writing always a reformulation of the present I?’

Cara Tolmie is an artist working from within the intersections of performance, music and moving image. Her works probe the site-specific conditions of performance-making by finding ways to vocalise and place her body that access the political and poetic capabilities of physical, written and musical languages. She often works collaboratively and is also on the editorial collective for Cesura//Acceso, a journal exploring music, poetics and experimental politics.

Frida Sandström, an artist and a writer based in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Index’ monthly Writing Sessions are practical writing workshops and group critique. The workshops reflect on and develop the use of text in artists’ practice.

The event takes place at Index. Please RSVP to bronwyn@indexfoundation.se for further details and texts. 50kr. Limited places.