Workshop: The Display Hypothesis

24 February 2014

The Display Hypothesis
The Display Hypothesis

The Display Hypothesis (Part 1)
How to make an exhibition in one day
A one-day workshop for children aged 3-6 with artist Roger von Reybekiel
Exhibition modules designed by Fredrik Paulsen

Over the course of the workshop the children collaborated with the artist to create and present an exhibition that references different artistic styles in dialogue, such as minimulism and maximalism or surrealism and pop. The workshop rotates around a number of separate stations. The children work at each station with pens, paint, paper, cardboard and found materials for a few minutes before changing stations and continuing on with another child’s work, such as a drawing, painting or sculpture. Music is an important element of the workshop and a curated soundtrack accompanies the day. Each child is encouraged to add their individual contributions while also learning first-hand about the collabortative possiblities of art making. In the afternoon the children, together with von Reybekiel ‘curate’ their work into an exhibition at their school. The final stage of the workshop is the celebratory art opening, complete with buns and lemonade, where the children present their work in their own aptly titled exhibition.