Workshop: Build Your Own Joe

9 July 2016, 14:00–16:00

Jayson Musson, a.k.a. Hennessy Youngman. “How to Be a Successful Artist,” uploaded May 2, 2010; Art Thoughtz, 2010–present; video; 3:00 minutes. Courtesy of the Artist.

As part of ars viva 2016 currently on show at Index, ‘Joe’ appears in the form of a sculpture. Joe is created by artist Flaka Haliti. Joe is a body double, an alter-ego, part pseudonym, part sculpture, created as a response to the art markets velocity and constant demand of new products, Joe plays the role of an artistic counterpart to Haliti.

This workshop invites participants to build their own Joe, their own alter-egos, who do things we cannot or will not, with references to historical alter egos such as Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Rrose Sélavy’ and Max Ernst’s ‘Loplop’ and contemporary artists such as Cindy Sherman, Tobias Bernstrup, Jayson Musson’s youtube art critic ‘Hennessy Youngman’ and Casey Jane Ellison’s animation avatars. Through text and model-making participants will craft their own Joe.

Limited places.