Symposium: Delta – The Page as a Stage

28–29 April 2023

Delta – The Page as a Stage a two day symposium thinking with and through choreography and printed matter.

Friday 28 April, 18:00-21:00
Saturday 29 April, 12:00-17:00

Delta – The Page as a Stage is a two-day exchange and coming together arranged by Pontus Pettersson and Izabella Borzecka, with the intention to discuss, reflect and share how choreography is practiced and manifested in printed matter, how text and publications can be understood as formats for choreographic inquiries, and how they can be seen as works in themselves.

The event is a format to exchange practices and ideas, and try out experiments together. This is the third wave of the Delta project with the desire to enable further publications, performances and gatherings.

Delta – The Page as a Stage is made together with Galerie (Adriano Wilfert Jensen & Simon Asencio), Paloma Madrid, Sara Kaaman, Stina Nyberg, Tova Gerge, Alice MacKenzie. Oda Brekke, Litó Walkey, Delta (Izabella Borzecka & Pontus Pettersson) Reading Edge Library, Index Foundation.

The program for the two days is listed below, any changes will be updated here. The event will be in English.

Friday 28 April, 18:00-21:00
18:00 – Doors open
18:30 – Book presentation by Paloma Madrid and performance
19:30 – Swedish release of Krõõt Juuraks monograph together with Galerie

Ongoing during Friday – The Stellar Blanket, by Pontus Pettersson performed by Alice MacKenzie. Scribbler: Oda Brekke.

Saturday 29 April, 12:00-17:00
12:00 – Doors open, introduction from Pontus Pettersson and Izabella Borzecka
12:30 – Lecture by Litó Walkey
14:00 – Book talkshow with A book knot book by Sara Kaaman, in conversation with Laressa Dickey
15:00-16:00 – Panel discussion with Sara Kaaman, Stina Nyberg and Tova Gerge

Ongoing during Saturday – Galerie workspace & Reading Edge mobile library. Scribbler Oda Brekke.

About Delta

Delta is a series of coming togethers, a place where choreographic and performative work can be shared and exercised, a place to share work by doing the work. Body to body, bodies and body. A container for participatory projects, publications, dancing, exchange, and choreographic inquiries. Delta is organised by choreographer and artist Pontus Pettersson and curator Izabella Borzecka/PAM.

Delta is a coming together

Delta is passionate about choreography as a tool and expression to navigate this world

Delta is a page and a stage

Delta is an assemblage of a temporal sort

Delta organises through liquid ways, becoming waves

Delta is an exit and entry, an ocean call

Delta – The Page as a Stage is supported by the Swedish Arts Council.