Roaming Writing Sessions: The tongue is muscle filled with blood

8 August 2016, 18:00–20:00

Hanne Lippard, The Future of Memory, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna 2015

Hanne Lippard is one of the artists presented in ars viva 2016, current exhibition at Index. Using language and her voice as materials, she creates poetry from fragments of online videos, music lyrics, advertisements and the like. Her work takes the form of readings, performances, videos, printed matter and installations.

This workshop deals with orality and poetry with Lippards work as a starting point. We will read and listen to Lippards texts and discuss orality as a site of bodily and personal manifestation of language. Through easy exercises, reading aloud, discussion, and composing small poems we will explore the corporeality of language.

Continuing on from the writing workshops begun in Index’ Autobiography exhibition, the Roaming Writing Sessions are practical writing workshops and group critique. The workshops roam through Stockholm, using locations beyond the gallery as a starting point for reflection on the use of text in artists’ practice.

Limited places. 50kr.
The event takes place in a private home in the south of Stockholm. Please RSVP to for further details and texts.