Roaming Writing Sessions: The Argonauts on The Stage

27 June 2016, 17:00–20:00

The Argonauts, Maggie Nelson, Greywolf Press (2015). Photo: Christopher Schaberg

“We bantered good-naturedly, yet somehow allowed ourselves to get polarized into a needless binary. That’s what we both hate about fiction, or at least crappy fiction—it purports to provide occasions for thinking through complex issues, but really it has predetermined the positions, stuffed a narrative full of false choices, and hooked you on them, rendering you less able to see out, to get out.”
Excerpt from The Argonauts, Maggie Nelson

June’s Roaming Writing Session takes place outside on the Index summer stage. By the waterside we will undertake a close reading of a section from Maggie Nelson’s striking novel ‘The Argonauts’ (2015).

“The Argonauts is, likewise, resistant to summary, though describing it as a love story might come closest. It is, after all, about love and its fruits: both the falling in love and the maintaining of affection, devotion, tenderness. It is about love and marriage, motherhood, pregnancy, birth and family-making, and because it is a book by Maggie Nelson, it turns every one of these concepts on its head.” Olivia Laing, The Guardian

Continuing on from the writing workshops begun in Index’ Autobiography exhibition, the Roaming Writing Sessions are practical writing workshops and group critique. The workshops roam through Stockholm, using locations beyond the gallery as a starting point for reflection on the use of text in artists’ practice.

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