Release: Delta zine - an ocean call

25 March 2021

**Important: visitor numbers to the space at Index will be limited to prevent any crowding. It may be necessary to wait.
If you wish to attend and participate in a specific session, or sessions of the release, please email to book a place.**

Welcome to a first release of Delta – an ocean call: a publication on water histories, narratives and practices published and co-edited by Pontus Pettersson and Izabella Borzecka/PAM.

Artists and writers featured in the publication: Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Paul Maheke, Axel Andersson, Sindri Runudde, Vibeke Hermanrud, Elly Vadseth, Daniela Bershan, Sabrina Seifried, D.N.A. (Dina El Kaisy Friemuth, Neda Sanai and Anita Beikpour), Every Ocean Hughes, Adham Hafez, Pontus Pettersson and Alice MacKenzie.

Graphic design by Sara Kaaman


14.00 Cyanotype print workshop 1 with dance artist Alice MacKenzie
where we will learn how to make our own cyanotype prints.

15.00 Cyanotype print workshop 2 with dance artist Alice MacKenzie
where we will learn how to make our own cyanotype prints.

16.00 Collective listening to the score “Chosen by the Barnacles” by dancer and choreographer Sindri Runudde.

18.00 Reading by curator Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris from her text “First Move, Original Rains: a Score for Sensing the Precipitational” followed by a conversation.

19.00 Rainy hangout with a Precipitational Playlist

The event will be recorded and made into a podcast if you cannot attend.

Delta is a coming together
Delta is passionate about choreography as a tool and expression to navigate this world
Delta is a place
Delta is a publication
Delta is an assemblage of a temporal sort
Delta organises through liquid ways, becoming waves
Delta is an exit and entry, an ocean call

Delta has been organised since 2019 as evening dance classes, artist zines and now as thematic publications like this one: On water histories, narratives and practices.