Queer printed matter: Munnen + Bebe Books + Queerd zine bibliotek + OCD / Hardworking Goodlooking

31 August 2024, 13:00

On 31 August, Index hosts a special event around queer printed matter, with Munnen (Sara Kaaman, Tony Karlsson Savci, Jonny Chang, Michael Bekele), Bebe Books (Noam Youngrak Son), Queerd zine bibliotek (Rasmus Clarke), and OCD / Hardworking Goodlooking (Clara Balaguer).

We invite you to join at Index for a day of presentations, conversations and workshops on independent infrastructures and dissemination of queer printed matter.

This event is part of the program of activations for the exhibition Vaginal Davis: HOFPFISTEREI. More information about the exhibition here and about the program here.

This exhibition has been developed in collaboration with Moderna Museet in Stockholm, as part of the exhibition Vaginal Davis: Magnificent Product. The museum presents a major retrospective of Vaginal Davis’s work while, in parallel, Index is the locus for research on her text production. Vaginal Davis’s solo exhibition Magnificent Product is initiated by Moderna Museet and extends across several locations in Stockholm: Moderna Museet, Nationalmuseum, Accelerator, Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Tensta konsthall and MDT (Moderna Dansteatern). Each institution highlights a different aspect of Vaginal Davis’s expansive practice.