Petra Bauer, Emilie Reinhold and Cassandra Troyan in conversation: Sex Work.

4 October 2019, 18:00–20:30

Petra Bauer & SCOT-PEP, Workers!, 2018

An evening at Index with:

Petra Bauer
Cassandra Troyan
Emilie Reinhold

Followed by a conversation led by Marianna Feher.

Together with invited participants, the event will address approaches on sex work in relation to artistic practice and research. The evening will start with the screening of Workers! (film by Petra Bauer and SCOT-PEP), continued with the reading of Freedom & Prostitution (research work by Cassandra Troyan) followed by a presentation of a research attempt on entrepreneurial attitudes (by Emilie Reinhold).

After the presentations, an open discussion will take place between the participants in relation to work, art, and practice.

Artist Petra Bauer and the sex-worker led organization SCOT-PEP are behind the production of the film Workers! the result of a long-term collaboration that shows a group of individuals related to sex work having conversations about union rights at the building of the Scottish Trade Union Congress. Questions on representation and visibility follow the ones being filmed.

Writer, artist, and researcher Cassandra Troyan will read from a recently completed manuscript, FREEDOM & PROSTITUTION, that proposes the dream of a world without work, without money, without gender, while imagining forms of survival now for those who often have little to no choices. Sex work is not a “better” type of labor, but a proposal for the abolition of all labor.

Emilie Reinhold will present a research attempt on entrepreneurial attitudes connected to sex work in academic management and organizational studies, as well as observations and difficulties on bringing light to this subject.

This event is part of the program of the exhibition Chris Kraus: FILMS BEFORE AND AFTER at Index Foundation.