Performance: Iris Smeds THE AVERAGE MANIFESTO

25 October 2018, 19:00–21:00

Iris Smeds THE AVERAGE, photo Lisabi Fridell

As part of And Tomorrow And at Index, artist Iris Smeds performs a new work, entitled The Average Manifesto. This new text and performance piece forms part of her large scale project The Average – a surreal narration about the mean value. The Average looks into the increasing measurability of our time and the diversion between being a part of the silent mass and a so-called superb individual. Does the idea of the average hold a sustainable solution for our society? Or is it an aggressive corrective ideal that implies that everybody must be alike.

With this project Smeds enters a heightened emotional narrative in the surrealist description of what different physical forms and symbols the average holds. The artist asks ‘How can we use mean value as a way of talking about human existence?’ Smeds has previously worked with questions about the individual and the ambition to stand out and separate in order to sell individuality.

“– I just wanted to be super normal and never alone. Like a puppy with a lot of cuddly average siblings lying in a big pile. A big pile of something soft and shiny moving around aimlessly still attached to each other. Only alive in order to be together.

– But you cant stand people?

– No, but if I was the same as them and if we were like one. Then it wouldn’t really matter?

Glöm inte
Mittenpersonen är livsfarlig
Den måste korrigera sig hela tiden
För att inte gå itu”

Iris Smeds’ work is dealing with issues such as economy, the value of art and identity as merchandise. She works mainly with large performative projects that involve text, video and public performances. In addition to this she is also performing with her one-woman punk band Vaska Fimpen. Her work has been shown at many venues including Gothenburg Konsthall, Bouslän Museum, Overgaden. In November her solo show The Average opens at Växjö Konsthall.

The performance will be held at Index at 7.30pm. Free. All welcome.