Opening: Hagen uti oss (The Pasture Within)

23 September 2022, 17:00–21:00

September 23 marks the opening of the exhibition, Hagen uti oss (The Pasture Within) at the artist-run space Galleri Syste in Luleå. The exhibition is curated by Adina Edfelt, Alva Mårsén and Felix Krausz Sjögren; a continuation of the work they initiated as members of Index Teen Advisory Board.

“‘Your body is a temple’, it is said. No, your body is a pasture. Exerted, exploited, romanticized. Beautiful, bountiful, fertile.” So writes the members in the opening lines of the text accompanying the exhibition which looks at ways of thinking with and about the body, and features work from artists Alma Winkler, Maja Stjärna and Åsa Ersmark.