17 February 2018, 12:00–21:00

Photo from the filming of Hoop Dreams, 1994

Welcome to a 9 hour screening that respond to Kevin Jerome Everson’s work with a selection of observational and documentary films, including the 3 hour epic basketball documentary Hoop Dreams (1994). Participants are welcome to come and go as they wish, and are also invited to participate through the act of filming the film, filming related texts and creating layered narratives.

This workshop runs from midday to 9pm. Audiences are invited to come in and out of the space, and to visit for however long they wish.

Open Workshops are an integral part of Index Learning Program, which actively engages with and reflects upon the role of learning within contemporary art today. Using the questions, premises, promises and contradictions of contemporary art and artists as a starting point, the program focuses on developing curiosity, dialogue, meaningful exchange with reflective and open-ended outcomes. Find out more here.