Online talk with Boi Huyen Ngo. Kajsa Dahlberg's Nature Scribbles and Flesh Read

4 May 2022, 10:00

Boi Huyen Ngo’s works explores Vietnamese migration and incorporates Aboriginal Australian and Vietnamese knowledge and storytelling in the attempt to decolonize knowledge and histories of Vietnam and Australia. She has worked teaching and guest lecturing for 5 years in the University of Technology Sydney and currently works as a youth worker.

For this event Boi Huyen Ngo will present her open-ended research about Agent Orange and its effect on communities in Vietnam and Australia, as well inviting us all to think around how we can collectively create an ethos for embodied engagement with contaminated landscapes.

Conceptualizing haunting as a methodology when thinking about the toxic effects of Agent Orange, Boi Huyen Ngo analyzes colonial legacies around the continual contaminations of landscapes, communities and bodies. Through this event Ngo invites us all to collectively adopt embodied interventions for healing and haunting practices around the aftermaths of chemical contamination. Derrida has termed aporias of responsibility, and through this, Ngo propose practices – diverse and community-driven – for us to encapsulate what responsibilities we have as we are living in the processes and aftermaths of chemical contamination, whether it is through our bodies, through our connection with place and through intergenerational histories.

Link to the meeting:
Meeting ID: 881 0428 7431

This talk is one of the events organised alongside Residency 21, Nature Scribbles and Flesh Reads with Kajsa Dahlberg at Praksis. The residency proposes a process of collective research into intertwined relationships between body and environment, seeking to understand ways in which contaminating toxins cut through lands and bodies. A collaboration between Praksis, The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm; and Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation.