Index internship with a focus on the archive: Matilda Kenttä, 2019. (Originally from Anna Selander, archive material)

Index Archive: In the shadow of the archive

Wed 11 March, 18:00

An evening about different ways to approach and meet an archive, to get to know it and to learn to navigate through its folders. Some of its stories about people, objects and happenings appear in broad daylight, while others lurk in the shadows, but are at the same time traces leading elsewhere. How can we extend the archive by building on its absences? How does the material circumstances affect the stories that are being told and that provoke our attention and reaction? These are questions that will be discussed during the evening, while further engaging with the Index archive and bringing up some of its highlights and blind spots.

In order to help us reflect on the archive, we are very happy to be able to share contributions from Sara Callahan, Debora Elgeholm, Hanni Kamaly and Arkivet för Rosa Brus during the event.

The event is organised and presented by curators Sarah Heuberger and Elias Kautsky as part of Index internship focused on the archive.