Index 19: Ulrika Lublin & Cecilie Meng

27 April 2016, 19:00–22:00

Index 19, Wednesday 27th April 2016 -

Ulrika Lublin and Cecilie Meng presents Bootleg (april version). Get a copy while you can.

“… Bootlegging has always been an artform. Hiding things in our boots like the name suggests, like I have bigger boots than you, In our cars, on our computers. The emotional annotations of the thing being a bootleg is the only trace of a sort of illegality that lingers. A bootleg is a very valuable thing. A sign of quality. I have been combing the internet since I can remember for the bootlegs. Rare editions meant bootlegs. Mirrors and proxy’s instead of shoes with soles that points in the opposite direction, or shoes with hoofs on the bottom. An artform that increases the value of the goods the longer they travel. They harness an energy different from their legal “copies”. They have an air of mortality to them, something has been at stake somewhere. They are engulfed in risk, precariousness, perhaps mystery even. The foundation of their existence in this world have been made with one or more parts in the dark.

The object, which said work has produced, the product appears to the work itself – as a foreign entity to the work, an independent power from the producer. The producer of bootlegged things shouldn’t exist. The transporter of bootlegged things shouldn’t exist. Yet it is the movement of the transportation, set in motion by the men behind the mirrors, that truly transforms this commodity, as it in the movement goes through a series of processes of fetishization and abstraction. Thus it becomes a transient object, an object of virtue even… “