Index 19: Sanna Helena Berger and Vera Karlsson

3 August 2018, 19:00–22:00

Index 19 presents the work of Swedish artists Sanna Helena Berger and Vera Karlsson. The artists speak of the evening in this way…

‘A smile strike: Immediately there must have been two to have the secret intimate movement from which milk gushes? Into the soft and porous thought that an oyster has. In the core, where they are, the core is, the profound organic disorder, explicit in humid intimacy. Nevertheless cuts of culture, the “valuedness” of the pornographic heart, sacred and cemented. Their Experience Machine for the other smiles. Dropping the cacophony that murmur also. With that phrase; a scene, signs that are more gestured than voice, in the coarse twisted oblique sigh of a mythical sex. An intuitive ghost from the other side, as the blood oath, a cloth of the non-word of objects w/o essence, the lively nerve. In another instance of incessant, incessant rhythm. A hammering from a weighty ancestry of control. But they also want inconsistency, lost in the severity of a taut language. Inside an earth that is not fertile. From the instants they extract the juice of their fruits. They are the we-you, is-as, your allotted hour, blood-moon too, curious about itself, so appealing and personal. A gaze of that of a primitive person; their own death. This very second is the strange life of the body, both immaterial and so objective that they are struggling with the last vibration, the is of the they.’

Sanna Helena Berger and Vera Karlsson studied at Staedelschule and have exhibited in Malmö, L.A, Kassel, Vienna, Athens and Gotland. They lived and worked in London, Berlin and Frankfurt or are about to live and work elsewhere.

Index 19 is a weekly events series in Index’ front space. Presenting single works, films, readings and discursive events.

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