Index 19: Launch Girls Like Us

4 October 2017, 19:00–22:00

Girls Like Us magazine launches its issue #10, Future, at Index 19, featuring DJ collective DATE.

Girls Like Us is an independent magazine turning the spotlight on an international community of artists, writers and activists more or less female. Through interviews, personal stories, essays and visuals Girls Like Us unfolds feminist strategies and legacies across disciplines.

“We want a future outside of straight time. A future in which all our friends and lovers and their lovers are coming over for dinner around a table we built together. We want a future that is fair, fun, furry, fabulous, fierce, free and not fucked up. We want futures. […] We want a future of diverse temporalities. A feminist clock. A future that rethinks speed. We want a future that honors all of its pasts, presents and futures. We want a future for hugs and hands and sunshine and islands and collective intelligence. We want our future organized differently. And can you throw in time travel, too?”

Issue #10 features, among others: Word master Hanne Lippard, radical afrofuturists Camae Ayewa (Moor Mother), Rasheedah Phillips & Hannah Catherine Jones (Foxy Moron), lichenous writer Amelia Groom, fantastical drawings by Maren Karlson, utopia builders Queer Ecologies Network, the Hacking with Care soft tech collective, Melissa Canbaz reporting from queer Turkey, an essay on speed by Janani Balasubramanian, Clara López Menéndez’s dream manifestos, performers Jibz Cameron & Geo Wyeth in conversation, furious words and images by Kandis Williams, Andrea Liu, Christine Wang, Elizabeth Chin, Farah Al-Qasimi, Natasja Loutchko, Rozsa Farkas, Tamara Santibañes & Yunuen Rhi — and much more!

The brand new magazine will be for sale, as well as back issues and T-shirts.
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Index 19 is a monthly series in Index’ front space. Presenting single works, films, readings and discursive events, Index 19 is a space for dialogue with surrounding communities and visitors.

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