Index 19: Larisa Crunțeanu, A SMALL, INSIGNIFICANT LOVE

30 May 2018, 19:00–22:00

Film still, A Small, Insignificant Love (2018, single channel film, 81 minutes), Larisa Crunțeanu

In 2015 Larisa Crunțeanu auditions for “Forbidden Love”, a soap-opera reality show that presents cases of socially unacceptable romance. In the soap opera, Crunțeanu obtains the part of Petronela, a spoiled and a mentally unstable 30 year old. The filming begins to crumble under the weight of modest means of production: the protagonists are amateurs and extras from other shows, the locations are small living rooms rented for close-to-nothing, the lights are harsh on the DIY make-up, the semi-structured script leaves too much space for improvisation. Under Crunțeanu’s insistence, the protagonists keep in touch and meet two years later to talk about the experience they went through together. The resulting film, A Small Insignificant Love, mixes original footage with interviews and new fictional sequences that continue and exhaust the original narrative. Index 19 presents the work in progress film screening, followed by a conversation between the artist Larisa Crunțeanu and art critic and curator Frida Sandström.

A Small, Insignificant Love, 2018, single channel film, 81 minutes

Index 19 is a series in Index’ front space. Presenting single works, films, readings and discursive events, Index 19 is a space for dialogue with surrounding communities and visitors.

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