Festival & Symposium: Non-Knowledge, Laughter & The Moving Image with Annika Larsson

15–16 November 2022

Annika Larsson presents at Index a two-day seminar, Non-Knowledge, Laughter & The Moving Image, examining the moving image and the (human and non-human) laughing body’s potential to overturn our habitual course and change the dominant order of things. Larsson uses laughter as an example, how it can suddenly invade a moment and set one off course. The project explores ways in which we, organisms, bodies, technologies and environments, communicate beyond instrumental language, subjectivity and reason, in order to demonstrate what moving images and bodies can do and how they can teach us about the limits of our thinking.


With Ester Martin Bergsmark, Pauline Curnier Jardin, E.I. the Blob, Valentina Karga, Vika Kirchenbauer, Kulturprofilerna, Annika Larsson, Sara Lundén, Marti Manen, Anca Parvulescu, Alice Peragine, Adina Pintilie, as well as with students from RIA Stockholm: Roda Abdalle, Elina Birkehag, Stella Dieden Richter, Leila El Harfaoui, Karon Nilzén Jonsson, Breogán Torres Gutierrez & Fredrike Steinert.

PROGRAM: Tue 15 Nov

17:00 Introduction & Screenings
Screenings with works by Annika Larsson, Roda Abdalle, Fredrike Steinert & Pauline Curnier Jardin

18:00 Online conversation* with Pauline Curiner Jardin

19:00 Bar & snacks

19:30 Screening: Stella Dieden Richter, One Effort, Many Sighs, video, 21:30 min

20:00 Performance: Breogán Xague, Ai-A-la-la-Ai-A-la-lae. Serán_1, 10 min

20:45 Concert: Annika Larsson, E.I. the Blob, Sara Lundén, & Christer Bothen

21:30 Performance by Alice Peragine, Mending Engine, 2022

22:30 Concert: Kulturprofilerna

PROGRAM: Wed 16 Nov

11:00 Tambourine Workshop: Breogán Xague, Ai-A-la-la-Ai-A-la-lae. Serán_1, 10 min

11:30 Screening program with works by Adina Pintilie, Vika Kirchenbauer, Annika Larsson and Ester Martin Bergsmark

15:30 Conversation between Adina Pintilie, Ester Martin Bergsmark, Vika Kirchenbauer & Annika Larsson

17:30 Tambourine Workshop: Breogán Xague, Ai-A-la-la-Ai-A-la-lae. Serán_1, 10 min

18:00 Online talk & conversation*: Anca Parvulescu, The Laughter Epidemic, from Bataille to Adorno

Archive: Annika Larsson, Non-knowledge, Laughter & The Moving Image
Seating environment: Valentina Karga, Cushion Commons
Mixed Media Installation: Elina Birkehag, Chewing, video, 04:54 min (loop) + Pulps (floor installation) Material: washed paper
Mixed Media Installation: Leila El Harfaoui, Tone of the Universe, 432 Hz, 2022
Sculpture: Karon Nilzén, The Eye of the Mole and the Perpetual Motion IV

*Zoom Link after registration for online talks at: talks@nonknowledge.org

The festival & symposium will be held in English.