Exhibition: Media Coverage

28 October–16 November 2016

Media Coverage is an exhibition in Index’ shopfront learning space, with students from the SPRINT program for newly arrived young people at Uppsala Internationella Gymnasiet. The group is part of Index Residents, the major learning initiative of 2016.

The usual way to interact with glossy magazines is to flick through, read a little, notice something and move on. Generally, it is an exchange where the response of readers to the magazine stays invisible. Index Residents were encouraged to experiment with paint and its materiality as a way of speaking back to the image on the page. Starting with images from fashion magazines, the 40 students from SPRINT Group at Internationella Gymnasiet Uppsala took part in the workshop over two days and re-worked the images, creating some monsters in the process.

Special thanks to Maja Nordström, Internationella Gymnasiet Uppsala.