13 April 2018, 18:00–20:00

‘a museum of complex temporalities: it thinks both the ephemeral and the perennial, the experimental and the patrimonial. Active, reactive, mobile, it is a viral museum which can be grafted on other places, can spread dance in places where it was not expected.’
Boris Charmatz, Manifesto for a Dancing Museum

Welcome to an evening of text-based proposals that look into the potential (and the conflicts and the poetics) of the ‘Dancing Museum’. The event brings together many different proposals made by students of dance from DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts in the form of the score.

Beginning with Boris Charmatz’ manifesto as a shared starting platform, the proposals question the many roles (or disguises, or habitations, or uses or non-uses) of dance within (or inside of, or beside of, or through) a museum (or gallery, or art institution).

With Shiraz Amar, Aurore d’Audiffret, Jennie Bergsli, Molly Engblom, Anna-Maria Ertl, Sonja-Riitta Laine, Corinne Mustonen, Danilo Alexandre, Morgane Nicol, Julia Nylander, Klara Sjöblom, Anna Skorpen, Alexander Talts, Klara Utke Acs, Miranda Wallmon, Caitlin Dear and Papis Faye. Thank you to Anna Grip.