Bookshop Situation Series: Prospectmiranda presents "Vagabondi Efficaci"

5 October 2019, 16:30–18:30

Screening: Ce Gamin, Là by Fernand Deligny
Book Launch: Vagabondi Efficaci, Traces of Mysticism and Radicality
Event curated by Costanza Candeloro and produced by Prospect Miranda

Ce gamin, Là, directed by Renaud Victor, captures glances of the everyday in the community as well as Deligny’s polyhedric intellectual discourse.

The screening will be preceded by the book release of Vagabondi Efficaci, Traces of Mysticism and Radicality, curated by Costanza Candloro and designed by Émilie Ferrat. The words collected in the book form a constellation of texts in which the theme of walking becomes a mode of being, a poetic disposition, to redefine one’s relationship with space-time.With words by: Kathy E. Ferguson, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Carlo Ginzburg, Fernand Deligny, John Ruskin, Susan Leigh Star & Geoffrey C. Bowke, Usrula K. Le Guin, Arthur Rimbaud, Jack Eliott Cardno, Costanza Candeloro, Axelle Stiefel, Giulia Essyad, Gianmaria Andreetta, Arnaud Wohlhauser.

Walking becomes an re-defining act of space and time, where the only guardian of the unfolding story is the one who decides to start walking. It was in this way that Fernand Deligny lived in the mountains of the Cévennes among a group of autistic children and other “maladjusted” souls, constructing and representing, in the form of fluid cartographies, a network of paths which Deligny himself would define as an attempt of children to “dare be”.

The condition of the autistic child can thus be considered paradigm of a process ofsubversion of the common language through walking and moving in the ecological space. Signs, paths, projects materialise in the absence of verbal language, allowing the children to control and guard the borders of their silent empire, a position which would unimaginable in the world of spoken language.

This event is part of Vagabondi Efficaci, Traces of Mysticism and Radicality, a selection of films and experiences curated by Costanza Candeloro, in which an expressive, ecological and psychological interpretation of the act of walking leads the narrative route through different landscapes. Transits, tracks, traces and silences are the elements that guide this exploration through the reconstruction of testimonies of radicality and mysticism unaccessible to verbal language. Prospect Miranda organizes a series of screenings at Zita Folkets Bio connected to the project.

The Bookshop Situation Series at Index is based on events to present books, magazines, records and other artistic formats. The bookshop situation is a way to test content, to share it, to distribute it, offering situations to be part of a community of experimental producers and users.