Bodies and Artists. A double talk and release. With Cassie Augusta Jørgensen and Cristian Quinteros Soto + Release of Konstnären #4-2023

19 January 2024, 17:30

Welcome to an interconnected event at Index around Bodies and Artists. The new issue of Konstnären (the magazine of KRO, the Artist Association in Sweden) is dedicated to the bodies of artists.

Currently on view at Index, the exhibition BODIES AND ANTIBODIES observes questions related to the idea of the body, presenting the work of four artists.

With this event, KRO and Index join forces to define a dialogue and presentation between artists participating in the exhibition and in the magazine. Cassie Augusta Jørgensen and Cristian Quintero Soto will be in conversation during the event:

-Cassie Augusta Jørgensen will talk about her practice and the piece presented in the exhibition. Cassie Augusta Jørgensen’s film work The Danish Girl Dick traces a plurality of histories of bodies in transition. With a rhythmic and physical performativity rooted in choreography and dance, this film work sets up an imaginary space that hosts seemingly biographical narratives. Jørgensen intertwines the personal and historical, transgressing one individual experience.

-Cristian Quintero Soto works with bodies and health, bringing focus and attention to the bodies of artists. The cover of Konstnären #4/2023 presents one of his photographs which observes bodies and norms. His project Badsasöngen (Bathing season) documents naked swimming situations throughout the year in Sweden.

After the talk, Konstnären #4 2023 will be released with an introduction led by its editor Robert Stasinski. This edition deals with issues related to health and the meanings it can have for and within the work of artists.