Index 19: Alberto Altés, DELAYING THE IMAGE

9 November 2016, 19:00–22:00

Still from Hundstage, director: Ulrich Seidl, Austria 2001

What is the relationship between film and space? In dialogue with our current exhibition Mad Horizon, Alberto Altés will approach film as a form that thinks and as an apparatus of spatial critique, to explore fragments of a philosophy of encounter, care and delay. Drawing from his previous research, Altés will propose and explore ways of understanding and inhabiting “the encounter” that can lead to alternative architectural practices with increased social and political relevance. The presentation will approach filmic works by Ulrich Seidl, Mathew Kassovitz and Pedro Costa, and might include one or more performative interludes.

Alberto Altés is an architect and researcher interested in the notions of fragility/affinity and the power of sharing, displacing and caring in the construction of an ethics of encounter. He is assistant professor at Umeå School of Architecture, and co-founder of the Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention in which he explores a performative and vitalist approach to spatial practices. He recently co-edited Intravention, Durations, Effects: Notes of Expansive Sites and Relational Architectures with Oren Lieberman, and is now working on the publication of his PhD dissertation, Delaying the Image: Towards an Aesthetics of Encounter.

The event is part of the exhibition program Mad Horizon by John Skoog and Emanuel Röhss.

Index 19 is a weekly events series in Index’ front space. Presenting single works, films, readings and discursive events, the aim is to create a space for dialogue with our surrounding community and visitors. Index 19 is a flexible program initiative, with one night or returning events by international artists and Stockholm-based initiatives.

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