Summer Internship: Tracking Distribution

Photo credit: Nina Sarnelle, Big Opening Event, 2019, still from digital video

Applications are now open to Index’ internship with a focus on Tracking Distribution.

This internship is an invitation to work alongside and within Index’ ongoing focus on forms of distribution within the arts. The selected intern will take a key role in the summer course Art and Distribution, following its theoretical framework, the modes of its practical experimentation and learning from the institutional aspects of the program.

Throughout the internship, Index’ exhibition space will be a shared workplace for collaboration, whilst also providing a space of reference to dig deeper into questions around distribution, and institutional structures.

This internship is a great opportunity to connect with the summer course Art and Distribution, engaging with the overall themes, whilst simultaneously occupying a ‘zoomed out’ reflective position on the research process. It could be particularly relevant for those in the field of curatorial studies, cultural theory, and other related art fields.

The internship, situated in Stockholm, will run in parallel with the course for its duration (June-August), and would demand a minimum time commitment of three days per week.

Send your CV and a letter (1 A4 max) where you state your approach and aim for the period to
Applications due April 12, 2020.