Marti Manen and Isabella Tjäder to be co-directors of Index Foundation from August 2024!

Marti and Isabella

We are pleased to announce that, after the summer, Marti Manen and Isabella Tjäder will share the role of co-director of Index!

From August 2024, Marti Manen begins a new role as leader of the CuratorLab program at Konstfack, a 50% position meaning he will divide his time between Index and Konstfack. From that point on, Isabella Tjäder (currently Curator of Learning and Producer) will take on the new role as co-director, in combination with continuing with curatorial and production work.

Index Foundation’s strength and flexibility is reinforced through its small team. Each person in the current staff is also professionally active as an art worker in another organization or institution – something that we know to be an advantage for the team as a whole. The complementary experiences feed Index Foundation with multiple perspectives, both in institutional ways of working and engaging with publics.

We work very hard, together, sharing a variety of roles, tasks and working side by side on everything from curatorial programming, text writing, funding applications, production decisions and administrative matters. We consider this restructuring to be a strengthening that attests to the horizontality, shared responsibility and transparency of how we work.

Congratulations to Isabella and Marti!