20 years of Index Foundation

Hi there,

It was the 2nd of December in 1998 when Index became the contemporary art foundation that is today, after more than two decades working with image. Index Foundation has been working twenty years with and for the artists, organizing exhibitions and activities, linking Sweden with international arenas. Many artists have presented important exhibitions at Index; important not just for them but also for the Swedish contemporary art context. Index has been and will be a reference space for many generations of cultural practitioners.

In 2005 Index moved its location to the place where it is right now, becoming this central artistic structure in the city of Stockholm. After many exhibitions, many talks, many presentations, many collaborators, workers and experiences we want to go back to this new beginning that was to move to this location.

December and the beginning of January 2019 is the time for us to reorganize the space, to move back the office to the exhibition area, and to open some walls, to reformulate how to work with our institutional structure with the aim to offer a sincere dialogue with our visitors, an interesting program of exhibitions, activities, educational tools and research-based situations.

Our next opening will be the 25th of January with Mette Edvardsen and we will love to meet you then.

Best regards,
Marti Manen