September 2018

Until 25 Nov, 2018
And Tomorrow And is now open at Index, and presents a demanding cacophony of voices questioning our collective futures. Ecological disaster, inter-species collaboration, cyborgian manifestations – from these new and altered states, artists consider differing formulations of futures. Drawing on the legacy of the artistic manifesto as a means of making demands of the future, the exhibition unpacks possible futures with local emerging artists from the Index learning program alongside a film program from internationally established artists. The exhibition continually develops during the three-month period, with an accumulation and archive of text-based pieces. The material manifestation of the space acts as a set of pedagogical tools, reflecting on and supporting the learning processes that run throughout the exhibition.

 Avalanche is an enhanced water beverage created by the artist collective Institute for New Feeling. Using a human pipeline to filter the water, the liquids pass between the city and the mountain in an endless feedback loop. The performance of the water journey juxtaposes everyday gestures with dramatic landscapes, natural forces, capitalism and the looming future of a changing climate. The performance presents municipal water usage as a literal concert of bodies, a system that is as captivating as it is improbable, arduous, and flawed. Artist Agnes Bolt from the Institute will be at Index to present the screening and artist talk.

 Climate change destabilizes notions of land-based embeddedness, collapses tropes of time and space, and turns our future more oceanic. Tidalectics imagines an oceanic worldview, with essays, research, and artists’ projects that present a different way of engaging with our hydrosphere. As part of And Tomorrow And, Index will host the Stockholm book launch of Tidalectics: Imagining an Oceanic Worldview through Art and Science, published by MIT and TBA21–Academy, edited by Stefanie Hessler. During the evening there will be a conversation between editor Stefanie Hessler and curator Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, with excerpts of the texts shared.

 Congratulations to the participants of the Index summer course – Saga Flodman, Viola Flø Brøther, Miriam Gustavsson, Leonora Haag, Evelina Jacobson Potenciano, Moa Elvira Lundborg, Leo Silkeberg W-O and Mathilda Tönseth – who created a co-authored piece called Collective Manifesto. Performing at the exhibition vernissage of And Tomorrow And, these young artists engaged boldly with proposals of collectivity in the face of uncertain futures. The manifesto now hangs in the Index gallery, ablaze with flames, alongside a collection of texts and material-based experiments the participants co-authored with the Index learning team.

 Save the date for the seminar The Urge, The Echo: Reverberations of Learning Practices happening at Index in November. The three-day seminar explores social and educational practices in contemporary art. Participants in the seminar include artists, theorists and educators who collectively critical look at how knowledge production and learning interact with contemporary art’s premises. For more information please contact Index Producer Emmeli Person

Screening: Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, WATER MAKES US WET
Thu 4 Oct, 19:00-21:00

Performance: Iris Smeds, THE AVERAGE MANIFESTO
Thu 25 Oct, 19:00-21:00

with producer Emmeli Person, curator Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris and director Marti Manen