October 2019

Teresa Solar: RIDE RIDE RIDE
25 October 2019–26 January 2020
Opening: Fri 25 October, 17:30–21:00
Teresa Solar (Spain/Egypt) solo exhibition at Index draws upon the concept of the museum and the premise of a storage room of an amusement park. Objects and language, movement and situation, meaning and poetry arise not so much from the individuality of each item but from the performative relationship and the conceptual connections to the set as a whole.

 An evening at Index with presentations by Petra Bauer, Cassandra Troyan and Emilie Reinhold, followed by a conversation led by Marianna Feher. Together with invited participants, the event will address approaches on sex work in relation to artistic practice and research. The evening will start with the screening of Workers! (film by Petra Bauer and SCOT-PEP), continued with the reading of Freedom & Prostitution (research work by Cassandra Troyan) followed by a presentation of a research attempt on entrepreneurial attitudes (by Emilie Reinhold).

 A book release and film screening at Index, this event is part of Vagabondi Efficaci, Traces of Mysticism and Radicality, a selection of films and experiences curated by Costanza Candeloro, in which an expressive, ecological and psychological interpretation of the act of walking leads the narrative route through different landscapes. The words collected in the book form a constellation of texts in which the theme of walking becomes a mode of being, a poetic disposition, to redefine one’s relationship with space-time.

Final days:
Closes 13 October 2019