May 2017

Anna Boghiguian: WOVEN WINDS
Until 21 May 2017
Final week
Don’t miss the final week of Anna Boghiguian’s exhibition at Index, open until 21 May. In a large-scale installation, Boghiguian uses drawing, sculptural elements and wall-texts to trace the long history of the global cotton trade. Anna Boghiguian was born in 1946, an Armenian in Cairo, but never adopted the city as her only home. Living a nomadic life, the artist has constantly moved between different cities across the globe, from Egypt to Canada and India to France. This solo presentation is the first time the artist is showing in Sweden.

 As part of Index’ current exhibition Woven Winds by Egyptian-Armenian artist Anna Boghiguian, Index will host a lecture and a workshop by Kehinde Andrews. In his lecture , Andrews will discuss the history of slave trade and the geography which was shaped by colonial trading routes. According to Andrews, colonialism, violence and enslavement created a dominant image of the West that is ultimately based on racism.
The workshop on Saturday, 20 May will offer an opportunity to develop further discussions with Andrews based on selected texts. Limited places, please RSVP to

 For the Spring Season our reading group has focused on Critique of Black Reason, the latest book by philosopher, political scientist, and public intellectual Achille Mbembe. Discussing a genealogy of Blackness – from the Atlantic slave trade to the present – Mbembe’s book critically reevaluates history, racism, and the future of humanity. On Wednesday 31 May, Stefan Helgesson (Stockholm University) will join the Index Learning team for a session with reflections on Mbembe’s writing focusing on ideas and questions from the public.

 The application process for the Index Teen Advisory Board is now open! The program provides creative opportunities for young people from all parts of Stockholm, based on long-term engagement and active participation in Index activities and is a main part of our learning initiatives. We are looking for engaged young adults ages 15–20 for membership in the board for 2017–18. The board actively supports decision-making and evaluation, and also participates in organizing events. Please take a look at our website for further information about the application process, and spread the word!

 Please join us for the preview of our summer exhibition “The Promise.” The project investigates the contemporary city as a social space, and the role of architecture and design in shaping a context for our lives. Besides a series of new commissions, the exhibition includes works by artists, archival material, and an extensive program of discussions, films screenings and events. Participating artists include Kate Newby, Malin Pettersson Öberg, Fredrik Vaerslev, and Peter Wächtler.

April–May 2017
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Personalized History, by Jacquelyn Davis on Anna Boghiguian at Index, Kunstkritikk (In English) (2017)
Anna Boghiguian på Index, by Jakob Anckarsvärd, (In Swedish) (2017)
Skytteln som följer trasslet: Minna Berglund om Anna Boghiguian, by Minna Berglund, Kritiklabbet (In Swedish) (2017)