June 2020

Last days: Nathalie Gabrielsson THE CAMPAIGN
Nathalie Gabrielsson’s exhibition The Campaign is open until Sunday 7 June. Don’t miss the chance to visit before Index closes its door to the public for the summer.

The Campaign investigates ideological behaviors in Sweden during the 70s and 80s which transformed the foundation of the social model and affected the definition of Swedish national identity. Industrial and commercial powers established a network of think tanks which led a hidden revolution, aiming not only to change the political agenda, but also the perception of reality and the notion of truth. Their strategies were based on storytelling using a specific dramaturgy. Every attempt to define and recognize what happened as a centrally organized campaign has been dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

 Index regularly produces podcasts, creating ways to experience our program outside of the exhibition space, including artist talks, dinner conversations, and more. During recent weeks, Nathalie Gabrielsson’s exhibition The Campaign has been presented physically, through dialogues with our visitors. The exhibition is compact, spatially specific and can’t be encountered through a screen.

Together with artist Nathalie Gabrielsson, Index has produced a podcast of the video work “The Whistleblower”, which presents a central voice within The Campaign. In the audio version of the work, the figure of Sven Grassman can be heard, giving his version of events which took place.

Right now, we think it is especially important to consider how we might encounter art non-physically, in a way which still carries opportunities for reflection and togetherness. Come closer, listen in.

 In April 2019, artist Roxy Farhat and curator Gaby Cepeda met at Index to talk at Roxy Farhat’s exhibition WUH-PSHHH. In this conversation regarding the need to rethink, their discussion takes on productivity, carving spaces, art and systematic stress, loving and hating what you are doing, open letters to Kim Kardashian, being lazy, capitalism, collective practices, race, feminism and queer approaches.

Now, Index re-activates the conversation as a podcast. Listen again to their reflections from a year ago, enduringly relevant today.

Carving Spaces is organized as a part of Spaces of Care, Disobedience and Desire: Tactics of Minority Space-Making, a collaborative research project initiated by Rado Ištok, Marie-Louise Richards and Natália Rebelo, supported by the artistic research and development funding of the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

 Together with artist Nathalie Gabrielsson and Kybernein Institute, Index has decided to extend the The Campaign after the summer. The exhibition will re-open in August.

Ordinarily, an exhibition opening at Index creates time and space to come together around an artist’s practice. Due to the ongoing situation with the covid-19 pandemic, it has not been possible to host a space for a talk or exchanging reflections on Nathalie Gabrielsson’s The Campaign.

By re-opening in August, the aim is to create a moment for discussion and to increase the opportunity for visitors to experience the exhibition in a way they feel safe. Specific dates will be announced via Index website.


 During the summer, while Index is closed to the public, our exhibition space takes on a new role. Behind closed doors, Index becomes a collaborative working base for participants of the summer course Art & Distribution. The course is a collaboration between Index and Konstfack, led by Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Marti Manen and Emmeli Person.

With a combination of remote working and small groups using the space at Index as a platform, the course framework tracks an interdisciplinary and practice-based approach to re-thinking distribution. The course is structured without an end goal, but rather aims to work around, within and against the processes of distribution. We will share glimpses of the process through our distribution channels, and announce dates for public moments later in summer 2020.

 On 29 May 2020, Index team met with Amanda Lind, Minister for Culture.

It was an opportunity to present Nathalie Gabrielsson’s work with the exhibition The Campaign, to talk about resilience and responsibility to the cultural sector in the present time, our small institution’s activities including Index Teen Advisory Board, and the long-term strategies for program, critical pedagogy and creating agency for younger people.

We appreciated the platform to discuss what is happening right now and what we consider important in terms of the role of the art institution in the current context.

 Prompted by the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, and its effects on the Swedish art world, Bonniers Konsthall, hangmenProjects, Index, Mint and Signal decided to collectively experiment with a joint project, co-producing the exhibition I Am Not One.

The exhibition presents work by Anna Andersson, Jenny Bergman, Lina Bjerneld, Roxy Farhat, Nathalie Gabrielsson, Susanna Jablonski, Jakob Krajcik, Stephen McKenzie, Nanna Nordström, Isak Sundström, Zhou Tao, Nacho Tatjer, Magnus Thierfelder Tzotzis and Cara Tolmie. I Am Not One continues at Bonniers Konsthall until 14 June.

Apply to Index Teen Advisory Board 20/21
Index Teen Advisory Board is a forum for young people to discuss and find new ways to act in the culture- and art world. As a member of Index Teen Advisory Board, you gain insight into how a small art organization functions, while working within the group to question traditional approaches to art. We meet once a month to discuss different issues, meet artists, record podcasts, read texts and present our version of how the art world can give more space to young people’s experiences.

We are looking for young people aged 16-21 with different life experiences and cultural backgrounds. You don’t need to know anything about art, the most important thing is that you have an open mind and want to learn more. Together we reflect on art’s role in society. The work is paid and you receive payment for each meeting you participate in.

Do you want to work as a board member?
Apply by 14 June 2020 latest.