July 2017

3 June–3 September 2017
Our current exhibition The Promise will be open over the summer during normal visiting hours. In late July and August we will continue our program of events with talks, city walks, two more film programs, and much more. The Promise is an exhibition and events series that explore the city as a political space and the role of architecture and design in shaping a context for our lives. The Promise highlights the complex organization of space through the built environment, but also the invisible structures of ownership, policies and legal regulations that control access to resources and determine social interactions. The project consists of a series of newly commissioned artworks by Swedish and international artists. In addition, the exhibition presents an extensive selection of works, materials and documents that trace the history of urban struggles, conflicts and resistance, and a series of events.

Have a great summer ahead and see you at Index!

Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen reviews The Promise: Kampen om staden, Kunstkritikk, 12 June 2017