February 2018

 A rare chance to view ten of Everson’s short films. Continuing to challenge traditional distinctions between documentary and fiction, Everson employs narrative devices, artifice and re-enactments of historical events, to create timely observations on race and the socio-economic conditions of contemporary and historical African American life.

 Settle in for a nine hour screening and Open Workshop that responds to Kevin Jerome Everson’s work with a selection of American observational and documentary films, including the 3 hour epic basketball documentary Hoop Dreams (1994) and the direct cinema classic Primary (1960). Participants are welcome to come and go as they wish, and are also invited to participate through the act of filming the film and creating layered narratives.

 Bernadette Wolbring launches her new publication Square Pegs in Round Holes at Index 19, which deals with the the way in which knowledge is organized in relation to gender classification in the medical field. More specifically, the publication deals with the use of testosterone and body modification, and the impact of such body politics on social structures.

 It is the final few weeks of the exhibition Tonsler Park, filmed over the course of one day in a polling station in Charlottesville, Virginina, as poll workers carried out their duties during the most recent US election. The subject matters of Kevin Jerome Everson’s films are always, as he describes it, “the gestures or tasks caused by certain conditions in the lives of working class African Americans and other people of African descent.”

Launch of Learning Nodes
Three nodes have been developed within the learning program for 2018, Kids Looking Busy: Decluttering the visual tropes of learning, investigating the cliches and visual cues of learning and pedagogy, The (missing) Sign and the (lonely) Signifier looking at the role of language and signs within our own methodologies and lastly And Tomorrow And: Artists manifest futures is workshop based research with young people on artists manifestos and future making. Each node intersects, but also addresses a specific question which reflects the activities of the learning program. During 2018 the learning program is one of the major focuses of Index. Working towards the Autumn exhibition and seminar, And Tomorrow And, the ongoing process of articulation and amplification of learning practices is one of the driving forces of the institution’s work. Existing in and out of the gallery space, in collaboration with artists, schools and higher education institutions, the program is activated and invites the sharing of knowledges through the Teen Advisory Board, Index Residents, Open Workshops, Reading Circle and Mini-Residents.

Index 19: An Alternative Guide to Tbilisi
21 February 2018
Event: Wikipedia edit-a-thon
8 – 10 March 2018
Exhibition: Sidsel Meineche Hansen
24 March – 10 June 2018
Save the Date: Opening Fri 23 March, 17:30-20:00