April at Index - activating THE -ING FORM

Final weeks of THE -ING FORM, open until Sunday 30 April
THE -ING FORM: a working situation is activated throughout April with several public moments, including a special program focusing on feminisms and a two day symposium with around choreographic, editorial and curatorial practices.

THE -ING FORM is a porous format between open archive and display, operating as a mechanism to reflect on institutional thinking, now and in the future.

During the final weeks to visit, spend some time digging into the traces of Index Foundation’s 25 years, the glossary of Index’ changing vocabulary, and dip into the conversations arranged by the Index team around institutional desire and ways of continuing to exist and work as a Foundation.

 DUAL ACT is a collaborative project between Marianna Feher, Stacey de Voe and several other female protagonists. Together, they are recollecting the narratives reviving two historical anti-fascist women’s organizations: Antifašistički Front Žena (AFŽ) and Mujeres Libres (ML) that were active during the pre- and post-war period in former Yugoslavia and Spain. The project examines their struggle for liberation and subsequently their historical representation and contemporary reputation.

Through a visual juxtaposition of contemporary correspondence, historical as well as personal accounts and archival findings, DUAL ACT seeks to connect biographical aspects, fragmented chronologies, collective practices, memory, and friendship. Narratives where political, historical, and critical insights are mixed with facts, fiction, and storytelling – while simultaneously constituting itself as a «second-hand archive».

 The evening continues with the presentation of Cyberfeminism Index and an online introduction by its editor, the designer, professor, and researcher Mindy Seu. This talk will be followed by a screening of Fresh Kill, the debut feature film by Shu Lea Cheang, one of the artists featured in the Index.

In Cyberfeminism Index, hackers, scholars, artists, and activists of all regions, races and sexual orientations consider how humans might reconstruct themselves by way of technology. The Cyberfeminism Index includes more than 700 short entries of radical techno-critical activism in a variety of media, including excerpts from academic articles and scholarly texts; descriptions of hackerspaces, digital rights activist groups, and bio-hacktivism; and depictions of feminist net art and new media art.

 Delta – The Page as a Stage is a two-day exchange and coming together arranged by Pontus Pettersson and Izabella Borzecka, with the intention to discuss, reflect and share how choreography is practiced and manifested in printed matter, how text and publications can be understood as formats for choreographic inquiries, and how they can be seen as works in themselves.

The event is a format to exchange practices and ideas, and try out experiments together. This is the third wave of the Delta project with the desire to enable further publications, performances and gatherings.

Delta – The Page as a Stage is made together with Galerie (Adriano Wilfert Jensen & Simon Asencio), Paloma Madrid, Sara Kaaman, Stina Nyberg, Tova Gerge, Litó Walkey, Delta (Izabella Borzecka & Pontus Pettersson) Reading Edge Library, Index Foundation, and with more artists TBA.

For updated program details visit Index’ website.

 Jordan Strafer is an American video artist working with performativity, definition of characters and surrealistic narratives. Strafer’s exhibition is the result of a collaboration between Index, Secession (Vienna), KINDL (Berlin) and Ludwig Forum Aachen. The four institutions work together to co-produce Jordan Strafer’s new film, which will be presented in each space.

The exhibition takes its title from the newly-produced short film LOOPHOLE, which deals with a romantic affair between a defense attorney and a juror amid a nationally publicized rape trial in Florida in the 1990s. Rather than merely reenacting the trial, the film focuses on the affair as a potential loophole in the justice system.

Jordan Strafer will be in conversation with Theresa Traore Dahlberg during the exhibition opening. Welcome!